He-Man: The Shaping Staff S.1 E.2
After He-Man takes on Man-At Arm's training equipment in a training simulation, Prince Adam arrives late for dinner, as Orko is entertaining as a clown, a mysterious stranger with magical powers called Majestra arrives to entertain the royal family. But Orco learns Majestra is Evil-Lyn and Evil-Lyn and Beastman have discovered a magic wand "The Shaping Staff" and Beastman disguises himself as King Randor and turns the real King Randor into a goat and Orco into a cricket, as Skeletor's latest scheme to rule Eternia. Can He-Man and the Sorceress break the spell and destroy the Staff and restore King Randor and Orco back to normal?
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   (1983 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer Linda Gary Lou Scheimer
Video He-Man: The Shaping Staff S.1 E.2

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