Transformers Robots in Disguise E.9 Mirage's Betrayal
At Autobot headquarters, the Spychangers are engaged in a simulator exercise, fighting against the Predacons. When Mirage notices that the simulator has two Dark Screams, he shuts the simulator down. The other Spychangers are upset at Mirage. As the other Spychangers practice hand signals, Mirage berates them for practicing such mundane exercises. Meanwhile at Predacon base, Gas Skunk has created a tracking and listening device. They hope to use it to find the location of the Autobot base. At Koji's house, he is watching a news report on a ruby on display at a museum. The ruby is so large scientists believe that it can be used to create a powerful laser.
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   (2001 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Neil Kaplan Daniel Riordan Jason Spisak Peter Spellos Sandy Fox
Wankus Steve Blum Daran Norris Barry Stigler Kim Strauss
Video Transformers Robots in Disguise E.9 Mirage's Betrayal

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